Sample rinsing station


The sample rinsing station is intended for rinsing, pretreatment and preparation of various samples, for example the processing of tissue samples in the pathology laboratory.

The sample rinsing station is designed to improve employee protection, working conditions and work ergonomics. The work surface can be adjusted to a suitable height to ensure the best ergonomic working position for each user. The operation of the worktop power rinse and the optional formalin tap with foot pedals increases the ease of use. Inside the working space, there is the necessary tap and shower equipment for rinsing the samples and the work surface. The surface of the worktop has a continuous rinsing. The ventilation solution is similar to fume cupboards.

The working space of the sample rinsing station can be cleaned effectively with the rinsing function. An automatic washing program and UV disinfection are available as additional equipment for the station.

Standard configuration and available accessories are listed in Technical information.

Product data sheet

Technical information

Sample rinsing station

Stainless Steel AISI 304 (also available acid proof steel AISI 316)

Standard 1600 mm (special widths possible)

850 mm

2100 – 2400 mm

Worktop Height
Electrically adjustable in height 700 – 1000 mm

Hauling Dimensions
1800 x 950 x 2300 mm

Standards and Directives taken into account
EN 14175-2 Fume cuboards
EN 60204-1 Electrical equpment of machines
EN 12100 Safety of machinery
Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Accessories included
Lighting 1000 lx
Operation switch 0-1-2 and  signal light
Flushing faucet with hand shower
Continuous rinsing of the worktop with intensity control
Work space flushing function

Formalin tap
Automatic washing program for the workspace
Ready for automatic IV control
Increasing the lighting power
UV-C lamp for disinfecting the working space in connection with the automatic washing program

80W LED, light intensity on worktop 1000 lx, color temperature 4000K

Ventilation Connection
d = 200 mm

Exhaust Air Volume
Nominal air volume 830 m3/h (230 l/s). This results a flow rate of 0,5m/s with 30 cm sash opening and 0,3m/s with full 50 cm sash opening..

Electrical Connections
230 V, 1N, 50 Hz, 10 A

Water and Sewer Connections
KV 15
LV 15
Water connection points on the roof of the sample rinsing station
Drain connection Ø75mm

Control of the ventilation
Standard: signal light, pressure difference
gauge and operation switch (0-1-2)
As an option an automatic air volume adjustment device can be installed

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