Fume benches


Fume benches are manufactured out of stainless steel. The standard models and their features can be found in the Product data sheet. Fume benches can also be manufactured with custom dimensions and accessories.

In principle, the functions of the fume bench models are congruent. Underneath the fume bench’s perforated top is a ventilation sink, which is connected to the exhaust ventilation. The necessary flow rates depend on the application and the area of the ventilation top. In ventilation solutions, it is good to take into consideration that a damper is reachable by the user for optimizing the air volumes according to the need.

In both models the ventilation connection can be placed either under the table, to the side, or with the standard model also on top of the table, depending on the demands of the space. Units like cupboards connected to the ventilation can also be placed underneath the top.

Product data sheet

Technical information

Fume bench
Fume bench with special equipment

Stainless steel AISI 304
Also available acid-proof steel AISI 316

Fume bench 1200x650x900 mm
Fume bench with special equipment 1800x800x800-1100 mm

Standards and directives taken into account
EN 60204-1 Electrical safety of machine manufacturers
EN 12100 Safety of machinery
Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EY

Fume bench special equipment
Electric height adjustment (also available for basic model)
Basin 400x400x200 mm with grate plate
Mixer tap
Ventilation sink covered with perforated plates
2 pcs upper shelves
LED light 1000 lx on lower surface of lower shelf
2 x electrical sockets
Cover plates for basins
Shelves, screen or camera mounts and fixtures under the bench are available as accessories

Ventilation connection
1 pcs d=160 mm

Electric connections
For lighting 230 V, 1N, 50 Hz
For sockets 230 V, 1N, 50 Hz

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