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Kavika HealthCare –
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At Kavika HealthCare Oy, we create and deliver functional and aesthetic fixtures and trolleys for the healthcare sector – hospitals, cleanrooms and laboratories. We develop our expertise and recognise our customers’ operating models especially in operating rooms, instrument maintenance and sterile storerooms, cleanrooms and pathology departments. Through our products, we contribute to the promotion of people’s well-being. High quality, functional design, hygiene and safety are values of special importance for us.

When designing products, the starting point is always the customer’s needs combined with the most practical solution. Our professionalism can be seen in the precision, durability and carefully considered details of the end products. Our special priorities include sustainable solutions, high quality, functional design, hygiene and safety. The 100% recyclable stainless and acid-resistant steel we use is ideal for applications designed with the life-cycle model in mind. We develop our range of materials alongside stainless steel, creating new product concepts for the target market. Standardisation of solutions and custom design and manufacture support one other.


Founders Kallio, Virtanen and Kavonius

During the reconstruction of war-torn Finland, in May 1945, three entrepreneurs founded Kavika. Materials did not amount to much at that time, but sheet metal waste, tinplate and black sheet metal were used to produce important household commodities, such as milk buckets and candlesticks, as well as cap guns for children.

In the early 50s, stainless steel was brought to Finland and Kavika delivered the first kitchen sinks to households. As a technical virtuoso, Kallio developed his own tools for production, such as his own traction devices for sinks. However, the owners decided to focus on tailoring products instead of mass manufacturing.

Strong growth in public healthcare

In the 60s and 70s, Finland put intense effort in building public healthcare – hospitals and health centres. Kavonius listened attentively to customers’ needs and, together with Kallio, developed products and production tools for this rapidly growing sector. During this period, contacts were established with all central hospitals, health centres and universities.

Helsinki shipyard

The 80s were a golden age. The Helsinki shipyard started with passenger ships and soon switched to cruise ships. The operating models, tailoring, material handling skills and strict quality criteria developed in response to the needs of the healthcare sector made Kavika its royal purveyor.

Kavika expanded, and in the early 90s, a new production hall was built at Linjatie in Vantaa. With effort, Kavika survived the recession and rose to new growth as shipbuilding picked up again. After record years, 2001 saw the collapse of the shipping market as the largest customer moved its purchases to Eastern Europe.

Change of entrepreneur family

In 2004, the owners began to age, and even though the business had grown well, it was time to make decisions. The company was acquired in 2007 by Jouni Lievonen. The plans of the well-growing company changed again when the world collapsed due to recession in 2009. The new owner steered the company through tough times, and in 2010, Kavika moved from Vantaa to Järvenpää.

Business expands and becomes more international

The international cruise ship business grew in 2010–2020, albeit with fluctuations.

The healthcare product range also expanded, and Kavika continued its tradition of close cooperation with customers. Before and after the 2020s, hospital construction grew strongly in Finland and the other Nordic countries. In addition to the domestic market, investments were made in exports, and the company won its first significant projects in the Nordic countries. The partner network expanded, and interesting new segments were opened in Norwegian shipyards that needed Kavika’s kitchen and restaurant furniture and fixtures, and later laboratories, first aid stations and storage solutions.

Kavika’s business expanded through acquisitions – Kailin Oy (2010), Kurasyöppö business (2010), Malmi Steel Oy (2016), Stemet Oy (2018), JVS Steel Oy (2018).

Kavika HealthCare Oy

The healthcare sector has its own special characteristics and needs, which we wanted to focus on throughout the organisation. Kavika HealthCare Oy was founded in October 2021, the business moved to Hollola and was certified at record speed. The new company concentrates and focuses on special healthcare solutions. Cooperation with the owner family’s other companies is carried out on a continuous basis. An example of the most recent new areas of cooperation are ship hospitals.

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