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Pass-through cabinets and hatches


Pass-through cabinets

Pass-through cabinets are tailor-made according to the customer’s specifications. Stainless steel cabinets suit well for applications requiring extreme hygiene like operating theatres where the work and operational safety together with functionality are emphasized.

Special attention has been paid to hygiene during the design process by reducing structures collecting impurities and using rounded shapes inside the cabinet. All surfaces can be easily whipped clean.

Pass-through cabinets are usually designed to include 1-, 2- or 4 compartments. Compartments may be equipped with shelves and baskets based on intended use. Instead of pass-through shelves cabinets can be designed also for trolleys.

Product data sheet

Technical information

Stainless steel AISI 304
Stainless steel AISI 304
Doors additionally tempered glass with steel frame

Measurements (external/internal dimensions)
1-door, drive-through 720x700x2100 / 590x700x2032 mm
2-door, drive-through 1170x700x2100 / 1040x700x2032 mm
1-door with threshold 720x740x2100 / 590x700x2032 mm
2-door with threshold 1170x740x2100 / 1040x700x2032 mm

Glass door with SST frame
Sealants, thickness ~53 mm or elevated threshold, thickness ~77 mm

Shelves and baskets
SST shelves: straight or slanted plain or perforated Glass shelves
ISO-standard steel or plastic baskets (400 x 600 mm)

490x637x2004 mm, 1-door drive-through or with threshold
940x637x2004 mm, 2-door drive through or with threshold

Rails and holders
2-way slide rails
Shelve holder pins, recommended 75 mm interval
Shelve holder rails, recommended 75 mm interval

0,4 dm3/s/m2

Sound insulation
34 dB

Lead lining 1–3 mm, lead lined SST doors or lead glass doors
Mechanical or electronical interlock
Painting of doors and frames
Ventilation connection (HEPA-filter)

Into a wall with installation mass, covered up with frame mouldings
On legs or plinth, or on floor when used with trolleys

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Pass-through hatches

Pass-through hatches made of stainless steel are suited generally for example for transferring sample material from the sampling toilet to the laboratory. The pass-through hatch can also be placed into a Kavika fume cupboard set against a wall.

Pass-through hatches consist of two parts, which, when installed, are nested on both sides of the wall and glued together using installation mass.

The material and handedness of the doors of the pass-through hatch can be chosen according to the space and can be equipped with a latch lock if needed. The sample sensor and indicator light, available as accessories, conveys when the sample is in the pass-through hatch.

Pass-through hatches can also be manufactured to open upwards.

Product data sheet

Stainless steel AISI 304 (standard)
Also available acid-proof steel AISI 316

SST-door, glass door with SST-frame

400×150-200×400 mm, can be manufactured with custom measurements

Gasketed doors
Latch lock
Sample sensor and indicator light

Into wall with installation mass

Kavika HealthCare Oy, Mursketie 6, 15860 Hollola
contact@kavikahealthcare.fi, www.kavikahealthcare.fi

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