Kavika Oy and Kavika HealthCare Oy are as parallel companies focusing on developing their own business area

During October 2021 Kavika Oy has been partially divided into two parallel companies. Kavika HealthCare Oy focuses on demanding healthcare fixtures and Kavika Oy will continue its operations with Marine catering, professional kitchen and shop furniture together with plumbing products. In connection with the arrangements Malmi-Steel Oy will merge with Kavika Oy by the end of 2021.

The division will strengthen the identity of both companies and create better opportunities for both companies to focus on developing their own business area.

Kavika Oy is responsible for the valid agreements in the healthcare business area and the fulfillment of related obligations. Jarmo Hakkarainen will continue as the CEO of both companies and Jouni Lievonen as the owner.

Kavika Oy

Business ID 2115053-4 (does not change)

Tempo 4
04430 Järvenpää

Kavika HealthCare Oy

Business ID 3205176-9

Mursketie 6
15860 Hollola


For more information, please contact your contact person or Jarmo Hakkarainen (tel. +358 40 579 1446) and Minna Nymark (tel. +358 44 0494 025).

Open press release

Nova Hospital – fume cupboard solutions for pathology

Fume cupboards Hospital Nova

In 2019-2020, Kavika delivered a large set of stainless steel furniture and equipment to Nova Hospital. The delivery also included a significant number of specially equipped fume cupboards for the pathology department. The interior accessories included e.g. basins, taps, shelves, racks, pass-through hatches as well as monitor and equipment racks. The fume cupboard delivery also included impressive double fume cupboards. The site uses sample trolleys that can be connected to fume cupboards or ventilation ducts.

Height-adjustable fume cupboards significantly improve work ergonomics and we are constantly developing the level of automation for fume cupboards, increasing work safety and comfort. We also manufacture fume cupboards with lead protection for special applications.