The warranty period is 24 months unless otherwise agreed. The warranty period commences on the date when the client accepts and receives the delivery of the product.

The warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship detected during the warranty period, excluding any defects that are due to use in violation of the operating instructions or other incorrect use of the product, or to an external factor affecting the use of the product.

Kavika HealthCare Oy makes every effort to promptly repair any errors detected during the warranty period or deliver a new product as a replacement for the defective product. If a defect is detected in the products during the warranty period and there are valid reasons to assume that the same error will also appear in other products, Kavika HealthCare Oy will repair this defect in all goods that have already been delivered or are pending delivery.

The client is required to send the product for warranty repair to a location in Finland indicated by us for the purpose. The costs arising from the warranty repair and from delivering the goods for warranty repair and returning them to the client will be borne by Kavika HealthCare Oy. More detailed information about delivering the goods for warranty repair can be found in the ‘Customer returns’ section.


  • We do not accept returns of any made-to-order products. The return of an in-stock product must always be agreed upon beforehand with Kavika HealthCare sales.
  • The return must also be agreed upon with Kavika HealthCare sales in the event of an erroneous delivery. When the return is agreed upon, the customer will be provided with a return number against which the product will be refunded.
  • No refund will be made if the product is returned without a return number.
  • The return of in-stock products ordered from wholesalers must be agreed upon with a salesperson of the wholesaler concerned.
  • The product must be returned within a reasonable period of time and in any event no later than within six months of the date of delivery. In case of an erroneous delivery, Kavika HealthCare sales department must be immediately contacted for the customer return.
  • The maximum refund for an accepted delivery reimbursable to the buyer is 70% of the purchase price, unless the return is due to an erroneous delivery made by Kavika HealthCare.
  • In order for us to be able to receive and refund the product, the product to be returned must be in factory condition and of merchantable quality. When the return is agreed upon, the customer will be provided with a return number against which the product can be refunded to the wholesaler.
  • The return freight cost is to be paid by the party returning the products, and the product must always be returned to Kavika HealthCare factory.
  • In case of an erroneous delivery, the return of which is separately agreed upon with Kavika HealthCare representative, the customer will be provided with separate return instructions complete with the return number, carrier, freight contract number and the delivery address.
  • For the return number, the customer’s order number, order confirmation number or Kavika HealthCare invoice number must be clarified beforehand in respect of all deliveries so that we can correctly match the return order to the original order.
  • No payment will be made for cash on delivery / collect on delivery returns.


Kavika HealthCare is not obligated to fulfil the contract if an natural catastrophe, acts of public authorities, fire, machinery damage or a comparable disturbance, strike, lockout, war, mobilisation, embargo on exports or imports, lack of transport equipment, cessation of manufacture, interruption of traffic or other impediment beyond the vendor’s control prevents the delivery of goods.

Moreover, Kavika HealthCare is not obligated to fulfil the contract if there is agreed change in contract content or an impediment issued by the customer or any other third party.

Moreover, if fulfilling the contract would call for sacrifices that are unreasonable in comparison with the advantage to the customer, Kavika HealthCare is not obligated to fulfil the contract.


Primarily the parties to the contract should settle disagreements concerning contracts and regulations thereof. The laws of republic of Finland shall govern these conditions of delivery. In case a settlement cannot be reached, the matters in dispute shall be resolved in the Päijät-Häme District Court.

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